Markets & Industries


Our close relationship with the automotive industry has resulted in the development of numerous unique polymer products which have helped our OEM partners to build strong market positions globally over the past 50 years. THERPUS thermoplastic polyurethane beads offer the interior trim aesthetics and luxurious feel today’s buyers demand while generating cost and weight savings. We also offer numerous products to the polyurethane foam industry to address the comfort and durability requirements of automotive seating applications. ACLUBE lubricant additives improve drivetrain performance at temperature extremes.  SANMODUR tooling board and model paste permit automotive designers to produce 3-D models from their digital designs quickly and cost-effectively. UCOAT urethane dispersions, SANNIX specialty polyols & GLYCI-ALE low-chlorine epoxy resins permit the formulation of automotive coatings which also look great for years and are environmentally-friendly.


We offer several product lines designed to improve the processing and performance of thermoplastic compounds. PELESTAT and PELECTRON are light-colored permanent polymeric antistatic additives useful in the manufacture of static dissipative (S.R.: 109 – 1012 ohm) compounds. With PELESTAT and PELECTRON, Surface Resistivity does not change over time and will not wash or wear off. UMEX products are acid-modified low-molecular-weight polyolefin used to compatibilize polymer blends, improve fillers dispersion and increase adhesion to reinforcing fillers.  UMEX’ distinctives are higher acid number and lower melt viscosity than most competitive products on the market. SANWAX & VISCOL products are low-molecular-weight polyolefins which serve as pigments and filler dispersants.

Inks & Coatings

Our strong foundation in surfactant technology has permitted us to develop a broad line of aqueous polymer emulsions useful in the formulation of environmentally-friendly inks and automotive coatings. Advanced emulsion technology provides for advantages in processing and also performance. Offerings include waterbased UCOAT and PERMARIN polyurethane dispersions, SANNIX specialty polyols for dried film flexibility & adhesion, and GLYCI-ALE low-chlorine epoxy resins for corrosion resistance. SANPRENE solvent-based polyurethane resin solutions provide outstanding substrate adhesion and dried film properties and are useful for high-performance printing ink binders. HIMER styrene-acrylic copolymer resins are used as binders in the production of printer toner.

Household Chemicals

Household detergent manufacturers have relied upon our surfactant technology for decades. NAROACTY, SANNONIC, EMULIN, SEDORAN, NEWPOL & IONET product lines cover many grades including anionic, cationic, nonionic and amphoteric products. Many grades offer a wide selection of detergency, wetting, foaming ability and emulsifiability.

Personal Care

Personal care products such as shampoo, conditioners, body washes and cosmetics have been formulated with our products for many years. BEAULIGHT and LEBON product lines produce shampoos offering high detergency and lots of thick, creamy foam with very low irritancy.

Perfecting Performance Through Chemistry

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