SANAM Exhibits at SEMICON West

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SANAM Corporation, in cooperation with North American distributor Toyota Tsusho America, exhibited at the SemiCon West expo In San Francisco.  The entire PELESTAT/PELECTRON line of Inherently Dissipative Polymers (IDP) was presented, including our newest addition, PELECTRON LIP, for use in PMMA, POM & PVC.  PELECTRON LIP offers low ionic content, low outgassing and very low color.  Targeted applications include molded and thermoformed plastic components for the manufacture, handling and packaging of semiconductors and sensitive electronic products.  PELESTAT and PELECTRON products, manufactured by Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd., reduce compound surface resistivity values to 108 – 109 Ohms/Sq.  They are superior to other antistats because they are non-migratory.  As a result, PELESTAT and PELECTRON offer anti-static performance which will not wear off or wash off, does not deteriorate over time, and is unaffected by changes in ambient atmospheric humidity.