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Sanyo Chemical Industries continues to expand the performance envelope of permanent anti-static additives.  SANAM has recently introduced trial grade PELECTRON LIP, a permanent polymeric anti-static additive which can be used to produce static-dissipative, transparent acrylic (PMMA) compounds with Surface Resistivity values in the 10E9 – 10E12 ohm/sq range.   Unique features of PELECTRON LIP include its ultra-light color, its low ionic content and its low outgassing.  Clear compounds are achievable because PELECTRON LIP matches the refractive index of PMMA.  Like all PELESTAT and PELECTRON anti-static products, PELECTRON PVL will not lose effectiveness over time or due to washing or wear.  Also, because it does not migrate, it will not affect printing or adhesion.