PELESTAT & PELECTRON – Unaffected by Changes in Relative Humidity

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Did You Know:   PELESTAT and PELECTRON permanent anti-static additives permit the achievement of Surface Resistivity values in the 10E9 – 10E12 ohm/sq range regardless of the level of relative humidity in the service environment. Ordinary anti-static additives work by attracting moisture from the ambient atmosphere to form a microscopic layer of water on the surface of the plastic component.  This mechanism is dependent upon and affected by the level of relative humidity. This is why ordinary anti-static additives do not function well in dry environments. However, PELESTAT and PELECTRON work just below the surface of the plastic component and do not rely upon moisture absorbed from the ambient atmosphere.  PELESTAT and PELECTRON are the right choice for applications requiring consistent anti-static performance regardless of relative humidity!  Use the Contact Us link for information.