Lubricating Oil Additives

ACLUBE products are a unique line of performance-driven Polymethacrylate Polymers (PMA) that include both Viscosity Index Improvers (VII) and Pour Point Depressants (PPD) for lubricating oil applications.

ACLUBE products provide the necessary viscosity stability required over the wide temperature range experienced in applications from Engine Oil, Transmission Fluid, Hydraulic fluid and other demanding applications where lubricants provide protection to critical moving parts.

Generally, oils perform like other liquids in that at cold temperatures, oils get “thicker” or more viscous resulting in high resistance to motion. In automobiles the result is reduced fuel economy.  Conversely, as temperatures rise, the viscosity decreases.  If viscosity gets too low it results in high friction and wear on moving parts.  The rate of change in kinematic viscosity over a given temperature range provides the lubricant Viscosity Index.  Polymethacrylate (PMA) polymers have a polar ester group on the polymer side chain, resulting in a lipophobic nature which provides excellent low temperature viscosity (and lower pour point) to the base oil and improves the overall Viscosity Index of base oil.  PMA is thus a superior temperature-adjusting viscosity improver relative to non-polar viscosity improvers.


Engine Oils Aclube V- 4, 5 and 6:

Key New Properties for VII products:

  1. Lower High Temperature High Shear viscosity maintains a stable thin film in an engine over time and at high temperature without significant reduction in viscosity (or Shear loss)
    1. The goal is a film thick enough to protect the moving parts of an engine at running temperature while also being thin enough to lower friction loss and improve fuel economy
  2. Good Cold Start viscosity performance. PMA provides protection from excessive thickening and “waxing” of base oils at low temperature
  3. Provide oil robustness over a range of temperatures, environments and engines
  4. Excellent Solubility in a variety of Base oils

The ACLUBE V-4, 5 and 6 series of products offered by SANAM Corporations provides a variety of higher molecular weight PMA VI Improvers, providing a good balance between shear stability and viscosity control over a wide range of temperatures.  These characteristics are helping car manufacturers meet the more stringent fuel economy requirements expected in new model automobiles.

Manual Transmissions Fluids, Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF) and Continuous Variable Transmission Fluids (CTVF), Gear Oils

Key Properties:

  1. High Shear Stability under the extreme shear conditions experienced in transmissions
  2. Long term performance without loss of lubricity (Gear oils are seldom changed)
  3. Viscosity performance over a broad temperature range, Low viscosity at low temperatures and higher viscosity as temperatures rise (VII).

The best and dominant performance additives for Gear oils are PMA based polymers. SANAM Corporation offers a strong line of Lower molecular weight PMA polymers in its ACLUBE V-1 and V-2 series of products that exhibit good shear stability and thus long performance life. By treating gear oil with a large amount of PMA (10-30%), the third criteria viscosity control over a wide range of temperature (or VI) is also met.  Only PMA provides the necessary low temperature viscosity control required for transmission fluids.

Example Values for a Sanyo PMA product used in Transmission Fluid Applications:

charts for aclube


Example Blend with ACLUBE V-1060

Formula and Properties EXAMPLE BASE OIL
SCR ACLUBE V-1060                                         wt% 15.0
Base Oil                                                              wt% 85.0 100
Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C                        mm2/s 4.00 2.20
Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C                         mm2/s 12.75 7.27
Viscosity Index 245 109
SSI (Sonic)                                                             % 4.2
SSI (KRL)                                                              % 17.0

Base Oil is highly refined Oil (SSI data from V1060, same polymer, different Base Oil

Testing Methods:  SSI(Sonic); JASO  M347-95:  SSI(KRL);  CEC  L-45-A-99



Hydraulic Fluid

The ACLUBE V-3 series and V-4 Series of products offers excellent VII characteristics for use in hydraulic fluid and shock absorber oils.   These additives allow for minimal viscosity changes over a wide range of temperatures.  These products maintain appropriate viscosity over prolonged periods of time due to their high shear stability.

ACLUBE V-3 and V-4 Series

Product Name Engine Oil Hydraulic Gear oil ATF CVTF
V-3020 X X X
V-3030 X X X
V-3040 X X X X
V-4000 X X X
V-4020 X X X
V-4130 X X X X
V-4140 X
V-D4000 X X



Pour Point Depressants (PPD)

The Aclube Product line also includes a series of PMA Pour Point Depressants (PPD).

Most lubricant and fuel oils contain paraffin waxes, which solidify at low temperature and cause filter clogging and loss of fluidity. The ACLUBE pour point depressants (P series) are high molecular weight polymers.  They have similar molecular structure to paraffin thus interfering with the crystal formation of the solidifying wax, resulting in altered, small crystal shapes.  These small shapes do not result in loss of viscosity and thus allow cold oil to pass through oil and fuel filters easily.  These PPD products provide good compatibility with a variety of mineral and synthetic oils as well as other lubricating oil additives.  The ACLUBE PPD products effectively lower the Pour point of oil to -30 to below -50°C depending on the base oil and PPD product selected.

ACLUBE P-Series (PPD) Line Up

Applications: Engine Oil, Hydraulic Fluids, Gear Oils, ATF, CVTF

P-2090                Best for Group III oils

P-2100                 General purpose PPD good with Group I, II, III oils

P2320                   Best with waxy oils

P-D3000               Dispersant incorporated in PPD structure to remove sludge

P-4070                 Excellent for Engine applications and base oils with high wax content

P-4300                 Good in Hydraulic applications



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