Tooling Board

High quality urethane tooling boards with very fine cell structure. Our meticulous annealing process produces very stable board – will not “move”.  SANMODUR has been the established standard for many years among Asian automakers. Grades stocked in Rochester Hills, Michigan include:

  • “TW” (47 pounds per cubic inch)
  • “JAX” (44 PCF)
  • “MAX” (41PCF)
  • “MDX” (36PCF)

All boards  500mm(approx. 20″)  X 1500mm(approx. 60″).

Common thicknesses are 30mm(1″), 50mm(2″), 80mm(3″), 100mm(4″) & 150mm(6″).

SANMODUR is produced in a continuous process, as opposed to our competitors’ batch processes.

No Bubbles or Pits !

No Warping !

Low Dust !

We also employ a unique “mechanical frothing” process, which creates very small cells and a very smooth surface.  Photomicrographs show the difference, relative to competitive products:MAX Photomicrograph

Use “Contact Us” to request Full Presentation with all cell size comparisons!

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