Green Procurement Policy

The Sanyo Chemical Group states in our management philosophy that “Without compliance, no company can be an excellent company” and “We act to be deeply sincere in our understanding corporate social responsibility (CSR)”, and promote to develop these policies in the entire group including overseas bases.

As a member of the Sanyo Chemical Group, we conduct procurement activities with legal compliance and environmental consideration to fulfill our group CSR. We have adopted our group procurement policy including CSR activity and implement the procurement activities based on “Green Procurement Standards” and “Supply Chain CSR Procurement Guidelines”.


Procurement Information

“Green Procurement Standards” and “Supplier Chain CSR Procurement Guidelines”

Procurement Policy

Our Procurement Policy is below.

  • We treat all suppliers in a fair manner.
  • We procure raw materials and resources from a global perspective regardless, both domestic and overseas.
  • We consider purchasing decisions based on evaluation of quality, pricing, stable supply and other factors.
  • We promote green procurement with consideration for resource-saving, environmental conservation and safety.
  • We continuously improve the quality of raw materials in cooperation with suppliers.
  • We promote CSR procurement, aiming to improve CSR through the whole supply chain.

CSR Procurement

We included CSR procurement in a procurement policy to promote CSR activity. We also elaborated Supply Chain CSR Procurement Guidelines, which improve CSR activities with suppliers through the whole supply chain. We shall move into action with Green Procurement Standard and Supply Chain CSR Procurement Guidelines simultaneously.

  • Supply Chain CSR Procurement Guidelines (established in 2010)
  • We shall establish and consolidate internal systems to promote CSR.
  • We shall ensure compliance to laws, regulations and corporate ethics.
  • We shall practice the operation to ensure safety and environmental preservation.
  • We shall improve the product safety and reduce the environmental impacts of products by chemical substance management and green procurement.
  • We shall promote risk management such as adequate response and accurate information disclosure in case of emergencies.
  • We shall communicate with the stakeholders such as customers, shareholders and employees to improve corporate transparency.
  • We shall respect human rights, do away with discrimination, improve workplace environments, and eliminate forced labor and child labor.
  • We shall strive to prevent leakage of confidential information and protect our own and other’s intellectual property.

Green Procurement

In order to supply environmentally-friendly products to society, Sanyo Chemical established its own green procurement standards and has started to procure raw materials and resources with low environmental impact.  These standards are applied to materials which we procure, e.g. raw materials, containers, packaging materials, and resale products.  We judge not only quality, pricing and supply stability, but also consider the environment when new procurement materials are selected.

Green Procurement Policy

We procure materials adapted to our Chemical Substances Management Standard  from suppliers who are resolved to improve environmental conservation activities.


1. Concerning your corporate operations

  • Operating under the established environmental management systems.

2. Concerning your products (materials) provided to us

1) Concentration investigation report of our prohibited substances and limited use substances in procurement materials.

2) Concentration investigation report of specific heavy metals.

3) Non-content certification of regulated chemical substances of the RoHS and ELV Directive in procurement materials.


You can download our standards and investigation documents in this site.

Document Name PDF
Green Procurement Standard, Ver.2  (125KB)
Investigation Report of Environmental Management and Chemical Substance Management. (Form-A)  (66KB)
Concentration Investigation Report of Environmental Impact Substances in Procurement Materials. (Form-1)  (29KB)
Concentration Investigation Report of Specific Heavy Metals. (Form-2)  (22KB)
Non-content Certification of Specific Chemical Substances in Procurement Materials. (Form-3)  (21KB)
Q & A about Green Procurement Investigation Reports  (51KB)
List of Environmental Impact Substances  (123KB)
Corporate Social Responsibility Questionnaire  (67KB)


Contact Information

Please send any inquiries regarding our CSR and Green Procurement Guidelines through our website contact page.