LOOKING FOR GREAT CHEMISTRY SANAM Corporation leverages the power of great people and great process to deliver
you the right chemical solution to any problem.
NEW AND IMPROVED! For over 70 years, we’ve been driving product innovation
in everything from shampoo and sports cars, to detergent and diapers.
PROCESS EFFICIENT, COST EFFECTIVE With 11 manufacturing plants worldwide, we offer the ways and means to deliver on time,
on budget, every time.

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Sanam Corporation - Specialty Chemical Manufacturing

About SANAM Corporation

SANAM Corporation is a U.S. subsidiary of Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. Our international team and resources in chemical engineering and chemical production allow us to bring the most innovative additives and enhancements to almost any product. Since 1949, we have been a leader in the chemical industry, having developed over 3,000 chemical compounds and holding hundreds of patents worldwide.

Perfecting Performance Through Chemistry